#startuplife Prepping for Exit

Prepping for Exit

Is it time to sell your company? Preparing to exit your startup can be an emotional process, filled with ups and downs – and that’s even before you hire a banker! This post has been promoted to a page That’s why I’ve joined my former teammate at Techstars, Jessica Ford, the Director and publisher of …

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Incubators and Accelerators “Seattle Ecosystem – Leveraging the Community”

“Seattle Ecosystem – Leveraging the Community”

Thinking about moving to Seattle to start your company? Before you think about leaving Seattle to launch a startup, here are some things you should know about Seattle’s startup ecosystem. The presentation below is from the UW CoMotion ‘FUNdamentals for Startups’ series and was presented Feb 17, 2017. Here’s the video – uncut – Resources referenced: …

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Founder Institute The Startup Ecosystem – Avoiding the Leeches!

The Startup Ecosystem – Avoiding the Leeches!

When I started going to China for business I was amazed how many “helpful” people who I found at events with US Business people. They all knew people, in my industry and especially in the government. It was later that I discovered that those weren’t the real people you wanted to meet. But they were …

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Startup Business Does this Pitch Make My Idea Look Fat?

Does this Pitch Make My Idea Look Fat?

At the Founder Institute, everyone pitches their idea every week to the group and the mentors. Just a one minute pitch, then a chance to get some feedback and get scored by the mentor. Early in the semester, the scores are low because the pitches can be really bad. The problem is, if your pitch …

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