Local businesses aren’t can be startups, but they have different needs than traditional tech companies. The great thing is that they don’t have the Product Market Fit (PMF) risk of early-stage startups.

Product Market Fit is when a new Product company has yet to confirm if the product they are building is actually wanted by their customer! All services businesses have shown in advance that they are customer need. Now they need to go and acquire the customers and scale the business. Services businesses are about people.

Even though Services businesses aren’t tech companies, all companies today are tech-enabled! What can you learn from tech startups that you can apply to your service business?

Productize Your Service

One of the tech revenue models outlined in the 16 revenue models is “productizing a service.” The process is to understand how you automate the front end of the process as well as the delivery

  • Marketing and Sales Motion – how to build a scalable marketing and sales engine that consistently delivers leads to your organization
  • Sales tools and team – what tools will make your team more efficient and effective in their sales effort. How will you grow your sales team in a highly competitive market? What’s the best sales compensation to motivate the team to perform?
  • Lowering your cost of delivery with tools and technology. You don’t have to build custom software or hire developers to automate processes for a services company! But you can use tools to significantly drive down your cost of customer acquisition