Programs Overview

Programs Overview

Current live programs include:

  • Six-month Ideation to Revenue is a virtual program that is $35/per session. More information here at the Meetup.
  • Trajectory: Bootcamp and Coaching by Dave Parker. A four-week program to prepare you for an accelerator. Apply here. The program is $995 and you must qualify in advance to participate. Please make sure you apply at least four weeks before the accelerator deadline.


The Trajectory Series has a number of delivery formats depending on your needs and community.


Want to have Dave as a keynote speaker? Dave’s been a frequent speaker for Economic Development Groups, University, and Community Programs. If you’re interested in booking Dave for a keynote, you can contact him here, or through social media. Below is a Keynote from Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA), 10/2019.


If you’re looking to kick off programming in your city, community, or portfolio, we’ve successfully delivered programming over a weekend, multiple weekends or multi-day programs.

Some of the workshop samples are listed below under Topics. You can expect an informative, engaging and entertaining workshop for your portfolio companies.

Monthly Community Programs

6 Month Startup is a Founder Development Program designed to be delivered with a local facilitator and local mentors. The program works on an 80/20 percentage split, with 80% of the ticket prices and 100% of sponsorship dollars staying in your local market.

This is built as a community development program and pre-accelerator program. We will provide you with the curriculum, resources, deliverables as well as the ticketing platform and support in attendee communications via Meetup and Eventbrite. We can help you build your local ecosystem and brand.

Want more info on running the Trajectory Pre-Accelerator Program in your city? Contact us!

Virtual Programs

We are in a brave new world! If you’d like to participate in a virtual program with Dave as a speaker. Check our upcoming schedule of the 6 Month Program here on Meetup.


Dave has delivered Bootcamp programs – usually in a three and four-day format in multiple cites from the US to the Middle East. This format is usually used by accelerator programs to filter final candidates.

Custom Curriculum

Need to build a custom program? Get in touch!


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